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Kimberbell MediumTear Away Pre-Cuts Stabilizer


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Medium Tear-Away Pre-Cuts by Kimberbll

Use Kimberbell Tear-Away on stable, non-stretch fabrics such as quilting fabrics, vinyl, leather, cotton blends, denim, terrycloth, and utility fabrics. Available in light, medium, and heavy weights, Kimberbell Tear-Away tears neatly and easily from stitched areas on projects where no permanent backing is needed.

  • Ideal stabilizer for medium to high stitch count
  • Use on woven fabrics including towels when no permanent backing is needed
  • Easily tears away

Behind every beautiful stitch there is an unsung hero: stabilizer.  Quality stabilizer is a crucial part of machine embroidery and a key player for many quilting and sewing projects as well. Why? Well, it’s simple: as a needle pokes fabric, the fibers have to shift around to make room for the stitches. The continual push and pull can result in distortion, gaps, uneven stitches, puckering, and a whole host of other problems. The right stabilizer plays an important part in reinforcing fabric, reducing shifting, and providing a solid foundation for stitches.

We are so excited–thrilled, actually–to announce that Kimberbell Stabilizer is now available on our shelves.

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