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WAFER 2 LIGHTBOX 12.5 in x 17 in


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WAFER 2 LIGHTBOX  12.5in x 17in by Daylight

The Wafer is only 0.8cm (3/8in) thick. The tracing area measures 44cmx32cm (12.5inx17in). The Wafer has dimmable LEDS and provides an even spread of light from edge to edge. It is powered by Mains/AC Adapter and is very low heat. 

The Lightbox is tough and durable, but still lightweight and portable so you can easily maneuver it where you need it. Light intensity is also adjustable; you can adjust the light from low light to maximum brightness with just the press of a button.

Wafer is ideal for calligraphy stencilling, scrap-booking embossing quilting embroidery sewing and much more!

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